Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spending totals for August 7 to 13, 2011

Not a bad week around here.  Pretty quiet and mellow.  Only thing out of the ordinary was that we went to McDonald's with friends on Thursday - I'm glad we don't do that very often, it's so expensive and my kids don't even eat half of their food.

August 7/11
$29.72 dress & tights for Brighton

August 8/11
$129.16 Wal-Mart
$1.05 McDonald's (iced coffee)

August 9/11
$15.81 postage
$1.25 slurpee (treat for Tristan after summer camp)

August 10/11
No Spend - yay!

August 11/11
McDonald's $18.34
Tim Horton's $3 (paid to friend for coffee & muffin)

August 12/11
PC M/C Payment $400 (to cover realtor's gift card, gas, and payment)
PC M/C (2) Payment $50
Mosaik M/C Payment $100
TD Line of Credit Payment $100
Orange Blossom Massage Therapy $61.75 (this will be reimbursed by our benefits)
Dental office $20.14 (the amount not covered by benefits, not bad for a family of 5!)
Bank fees $40.49 (finally got around to closing an old bank account, that was overdrawn because of bank fees, so annoying)
No Frill's $55.95
Sobey's $54.10
Costco $213.82  (I ended up finding Brighton's birthday present, and also bought all three of the kids Halloween costumes, so I'll have to adjust the budget a bit since I hadn't planned on buying them yet.)

August 13/11
$4.13 T-shirt for Brighton

Total spending for the week (including debt repayment): $1298.71

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