Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spending totals for August 14 to 20, 2011

Well this week sure was the week that went off the rails!  I've decided to do a new thing with my spending totals which is red flagging the items that were off budget.  I'm sure that you'll notice a pattern this week that I am terrible about buying clothes for my kids.  Somehow I am better at not buying at all than I am at restraining myself once I start, so until at least the end of September I am buying the kids absolutely NOTHING.  I really need to separate "want" from "need".

So to make matters worse, I found out that the $267 benefit payment I was expecting from the government was not coming because we haven't filed last years taxes, so I had to pull money off our line of credit.  Ugh, not good, not good.

I'll be back tomorrow with some pretty lofty goals going forward.  I've really got to push myself or we're just going to be at a stand still forever.  I have got to get my spending in line with my priorities!  Now I'd better post this quickly and get back to work.... I've got some money to make!

August 14/11
$136.79 Town Utilities
$296.92 Gas/electricity
$50 Amex payment
$305 Personal line of credit payment
$71.34 Van - fuel
$112.96 Extra Foods (Cat food/litter $31.26, Groceries $8.48, Batteries $8.49, Toiletries $3.99, Kids clothes $31.50, magazines $27.27, coloured pencils $1.31
$123.37 Once Upon a Child
$122.41 Gap/Old Navy order

August 15/11
$217.36 Property taxes
$33.96 Personal tax installment
$59.24 Taxes/duty on delivery package

August 16/11
$45.75 Car- fuel

August 17/11
$32.32 Dentist (had 2 fillings done, this was the amount not covered by benefits, didn't plan for this one!)

August 18/11
$42.60, 3 outfits for Brighton (ebay)
$342.00 Costco ($130.12 clothes)
$36.96 Wal-Mart

August 19/11
$8.93 Dollar store (treats for the kids) - Tristan had immunizations in the morning and I took them for some treats because they were good.  I'm okay with the purchase, but I should have planned ahead for it and I didn't
$6.30 Dollar store - yes, I went back.  Brighton cut her finger badly in the afternoon and I realized I had no first aid supplies.
$82.36 Wal-Mart - diapers, soothers, and a birthday card and chocolate bar for my sister
$28.34 Dairy Queen - ice cream cake for my sister

August 20/11
No spend!

Total spending for the week (including debt repayment): $2154.91 (ouch!)

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