Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letting go of vices...

Nick and I have come a VERY long way in how we spend our money.  We've mostly given up Starbucks, eating out, magazines, books, video games, for the most part we're not really fancy people any more.  The area I really struggle with are the kids clothes.  For as far as I've come, I still have a hard time finding the balance between buying quality, but not spending too much, and not overbuying.  It's hard when it's something that you need, but you don't necessarily need exactly what you want.

I was working away on the budget and had planned on placing a $300 order for Hanna Andersson after pay day, and then I looked at it.  I put 10 things in my cart and my total was $286.  And I was like, "What the heck am I thinking?"  Sure the prices look okay as individual pieces, but then being in Canada I have to tack on $24.50 shipping, and $38.00 in duty.  And these weren't even full outfits, there were matching pieces I was planning on buying when the next sale came.

And so, I gave my head a shake, and focused on our goals.  I want to be out of overdraft by the end of September.  That is NOT going to happen if I don't buckle down and start saving more than I spend.

So as much as I want to order, I'm going to be a grown up and say I don't need to.  It's a vice, and it's holding me back from the future that I want.

Sometimes, being a grown up isn't much fun.

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