Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goal Update and Planning Session

So let's just say that we're off to a poor start with the goals.  Here's where we're at:

Commit to all cash for discretionary categories
Not so good... started off well, but then when I realized that I had planned a bit too lightly for the grocery category I kind of gave up and it all blew up in smoke.  I've had a look at our budget and come up with more realistic numbers for next go around.  And I am going to leave my debit card AT HOME, so I don't have it for back up.

Commit to earning $1200 per pay cheque
Nailed this one.  My pay cheque should actually be more like $1320.  I'm going to work towards earning $1500 per cheque - this will mean working approximately 5-6 hours, 6 days per week, but if we want to get this debt paid off AND have a realistic budget, I've got to make more money.

Do not use credit cards!
Failed at this one since I blew the budget and we had a surprise that a government benefit we were expecting was not coming at all.  Going to attack this one with a vengeance this next budget!

The longer term goals of having $10,000 paid off and $1,000 in the bank obviously aren't really measurable until closer to the end of December.  I have high hopes though!


I've decided apart from the longer term goals I want to come up with some smaller goals to focus on to help bring our spending more in line with what our priorities are.  So in the next little while I want to work on:

- Come up with a system to organize coupons and research some easy options for finding coupons.  This cannot take me a lot of time because I have set high targets for work that I need to achieve, and working earns more money than couponing.  If it's quick and easy then it's something I can do while the kids are awake.

- Continue to work at organizing the papers and files.  So far the system I've set up has been great!  Now I just need to get through the backlog.

- Do not buy any clothes / toys for the kids!  I'm setting this as my goal through September and I'll revisit our needs in October.

- Work at thinning out the pantry / freezer.  Plan meals around what we have on hand.  I've already started this by making a list of pantry items that I need to incorporate into recipes.

I'm going to print all of these goals out and tape them around the house so I keep myself on track!

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