Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grocery Shopping: The 3 Store Edition

What a long day today (yesterday?) was!  This post is late because 1) I went to 3 different grocery stores and STILL couldn't get everything on my list, 2) I spent 3 hours in the dentist's office, and 3)I'm PMS'ing and just in a downright back mood.  And now it's almost 1:00am and I'm finally writing it.

No pictures of groceries, although I can share with you my overstuffed fridge and admit to you that I feel a little bit like a food hoarder.  Nothing brings me more calm than a fridge full of food, I get anxious when we try to stretch too far with the food budget.

I have decided that $300 for two weeks is just not realistic for our family.  My kids eat too much, we eat entirely at home, and food is important to me.  So I'm bumping it up to $400 every two weeks, and once we're out of overdraft might even increase it again.... I'll revisit that when the time comes.  I still want to accomplish our goals by the new year.

I can't bring myself to individualize everything, so here's the breakdown of stores:

Sobey's (mostly produce): $54.10
Costco (more produce, and meat): $114.33
No Frill's (dairy and pantry items): $55.95
Total: $224.38

And since I am really not on the ball this week, here's the meal plan (my very crock pot happy meal plan):

Steak (MIL is coming for dinner and bringing with her)
Herb roasted potatoes
Grilled asparagus
Spring mix salad w/ mustard vinaigrette
Sauteed shrimp cocktail

Chicken parmesan

Russian salad

Lemon chicken
Fried rice
Asian cucumber mint salad

Sweet & sour chicken w/ mango lettuce wraps

Bobby's goulash
No-Knead bread

I'm trying something new and also planning for adult lunches/snacks.  I haven't been eating during the day and I really should be!  So here's my plan for those (in addition to leftovers)
Whole wheat nann w/ hummus and tzatziki
Asian chowder
Sesame noodles

And I've got lots of baking and treats in store this week as well.  Should be a quiet week spent mainly at home.

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