Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spending Totals for August 3-6/11

This will be a regular fixture on the blog which I hope to update every Saturday.  For this week I'm just going to post from the start of the blog to now because, well, I didn't keep track before then (I know, I know.... you wonder how we got into this mess, eh?)

August 3/11: NO SPEND!  WOOT!
August 4/11:  $8.17 Groceries (basically just fruit, we went to visit a friend out of town and were running low on fruit at home)
August 5/11: NO SPEND!
August 6/11: Took the kids to the amusement park (free, we were given passes for Christmas), but we bought ice cream there ($13.75) and Brighton lost her soother so we stopped to buy a pack ($7.35).  And I didn't plan ahead and had no cash, so I had to use the no-name ATM and it cost me fees (1.75) Not proud of today's purchases - for one, half the ice cream went in the garbage so we could have bought half as much.  Note to self - in future by the least amount possible knowing you can always buy more.  And also, Brighton screamed all the way home even though we bought soothers, so much for that plan.  And of course not having cash on hand was a complete oversight.

Live and learn, right?  This is why I'm tracking all of this.  So grand total for the past 4 days - $31.02.

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