Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random thoughts...

Still dealing with sick kids and lack of sleep, so welcome to a little piece of what's been running through my head...

- I love the content on The Everyday Minimalist, but it drives me completely crazy that the site itself is anything but minimalist.  It hurts my head to look at it

- I wonder if it truly is possible for your head to explode by listening to the non-stop chatter of a five-year old

- My son is apparently a thief and has been swiping Lego from the kindergarten classroom.... must figure out a way to make him really the zillion pieces of Lego he has is already a ridiculous amount, he does not need to steal to obtain yet more of it.

- I have crossed the line from loving coffee to needing coffee.  I'm committed to not doing a grocery shop this week, which means I am rationing coffee, and I'm cranky.

- My fuzzy bright pink marshmallow robe my mother in law bought me for Christmas is quite possibly the ugliest thing I own, but it's too comfy for me to care.

- I've decided one can truly never own too many Mason jars.

1 comment:

  1. Sam, loving the random thoughts!!! And how about the most comfortable things are ALWAYS the ugliest...that is at least the case to our husbands ;).